Bathroom Remodeling – A Different Approach

Tub, Tile, and Shower Refinishing

Is your bathtub or shower an ugly color, hard to clean or damaged?

Our repair and refinishing services solve a variety of bathroom issues:

  • Ugly color

Tired of that avocado green or pink tub? Let us refinish it to glossy white.

  • Hard to clean and stained tubs

If you just can’t get your tub clean, call us. Chances are, the surface is worn and just needs to be refinished.

  • Clawfoot tubs

We can restore your antique to its original glory.

  • Chips and cracks

We can repair your chips and cracks. Learn more about our fiberglass and porcelain tub, tile and shower repair.

  • Lack of time and budget for remodeling?

Get the look and feel of a new tub or shower at a fraction of the cost and none of the demolition mess!

We offer the following expert repair and refinishing services in the Redding, CA area:

  • Bathtub chip and rust repair
  • Sink chip repair
  • Tile crack repair
  • Acrylic/plastic crack repair (Jacuzzi included)
  • Bathtub Refinishing
  • Shower Refinishing
  • Sink Refinishing
  • Countertop Refinishing
  • Non-skid/non-slip Option for Bathtubs and Showers

With our highly trained techs, we can handle just about anything.

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Only the Best Refinishing Products

Tub and Tile Restore uses Mend-a-Bath International resurfacing products. Mend A Bath is one of the foremost bath refinishing products in the world. It is a low-odor, epoxy coating with no isocyanates that can last a lifetime if maintained properly.

In every home, your tubs, showers, and sinks get a lot of use. Even doing your best to maintain the condition of your sink, shower, bathtub, or countertops by cleaning and maintaining them, the day will come in which these surfaces will no longer appear the way they once did.

Our chip and crack repair services can save you thousands over replacement cost. Generally, we find our customer’s sinks, countertops, vanities, bathtubs and showers are typically in fairly good condition. There may be a few nicks or scratches, but nothing major that warrants a complete replacement.

We know that remodeling any part of your home can be incredibly costly and time consuming, and we want to help preserve your bathroom and kitchen fixtures for as long as possible.

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